MATERA new super matt surface technology

polytec's MATERA range combines the cool appearance of honed stone in beautiful marble, travertine and cement style prints with a durable, easy care, super matt finish.

Available in benchtops and laminate for use on horizontal or vertical surfaces, the new MATERA surface has improved scuff resistance and anti-fingerprint technology. Designed to complement polytec's WOODMATT range of subtle woodgrain embossed matt finished laminates.

MATERA's outstanding colour sensitivity and pattern effect is the result of an additional manufacturing process by polytec - that is unique in Australia.

MATERA and WOODMATT have been designed to specifically suit commercial and residential applications in the Australian market, working in 300mm modules, and the trend of specifying timber and stone together. The two ranges, offer designers and specifiers a dream team of 24 exciting additional finishes in polytec's core laminate palette.

Inspired by the stone-encrusted Italian township of Matera, polytec's selection of whites, greys and warm greys through to blacks - caters for those inclined towards a yellow base through to those who prefer a pinker base. Similarly there are different levels of veining. polytec's development of WOODMATT and MATERA advances laminates and melamines – as an attractive, quality, and budget-friendly, core laminate option, when a stone or timber look is desired.

Sheet size 3650 x 1360

MATERA compliments our new WOODMATT Range

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