Environment and Sustainability

polytec is committed to managing, evaluating and continually improving our performance in the environmental impact of our products.

Wood Waste Recycling

Wood Waste Recycling Initiative

reDirect Wood Recycling has been established to provide a closed loop particleboard and wood recycling service. By installing a reDirect Recycling service you will enjoy significant cost savings in landfill charges.

The reDirect Wood Recovery Initiative has been designed to service polytec customers who are buying raw and melamine coated particleboard products. reDirect Wood Recycling will reclaim materials that would otherwise go to landfill, thereby reducing waste, preserving plantation pine forests and protecting the environment for future generations. The manufacturing of particleboard utilises recycled wood and off cuts in the production of new particleboard. By opting for wood off cut collection through reDirect Recycling you are assisting in creating sustainable manufacturing practices.

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polytec Solar Power Initiative

polytec Solar Power Initiative

polytec are striving to reduce carbon emissions by installing solar panels throughout all sites nationwide. Since 2018 more than 53,000 solar panels across the network of facilities have been installed.

Oberon facility is now considered Australia’s largest rooftop solar system with a stunning 27,000 panels installed over 8 hectares of rooftop, powering approximately 10% of the plant’s energy requirements.

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polytec is Chain of Custody (CoC) certified

Chain of Custody (CoC) certified

polytec employs environmental policies and procedures with utmost integrity. We are committed to achieving the goal of minimising water and energy consumption by implementing careful measures in our manufacturing facilities. Holding Chain of Custody certification with internationally recognised organisations promotes responsible stewardship of the worlds forests.

Chain of Custody (CoC) is the process of tracking wood and forest products originating in certified forests through all phases of ownership, transportation and manufacturing from defined forest acres to the final product and delivery to the end consumer. polytec is Chain of Custody (CoC) certified under the Australian Forestry Standard. Our CoC certification assists to reassure our customers that certified products purchased from us are from legal, well-managed forests.

GreenTag Certificates

The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS)

The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS)

The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) - AS 4708, is the leading management standard of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS), which has over 7.8 million Certified hectares of native forests and plantations in Australia. The AFCS also includes a Chain of Custody Standard - AS 4707, to track forest and wood products through the supply chain.

These Australian Standards® are recognised by Standards Australia and are internationally recognised through the endorsement and mutual recognition of PEFC. All products displaying the AFS label are products from independently Certified organisations that are identified by the unique Certification number under the AFS trademark logo.

EWPAA Certificates

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC)

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC)

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) was launched in 1999. PEFC is a framework for the mutual recognition of credible national or regional forest Certification schemes which have been developed to meet internationally recognised requirements for sustainable forest management. Over 209 million hectares of forests are currently Certified under the PEFC - which is the world’s largest forest Certification scheme.

polytec and the Environment

polytec and the Environment

polytec strives to minimize its ecological footprint through responsible manufacturing practices.

The links within our business chain considers the environmental implications of the product life cycle. We are proud of our achievements in this space – internationally recognised environmental certifications and a comprehensive range of closed loop manufacturing techniques underpin our environmental policies and procedures. We believe in action, not words – our environmental performance clearly demonstrates this.

This booklet outlines some of the environmental initiatives of the company – we look forward to answering any questions you have regarding the detail of this environmental statement

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