Thermolaminated Doors & Panels

polytec's latest additions to the Thermolaminated door range include three brand new profiles, 25mm and 50mm Cove, and Peak. The Cove and Peak profiles are a nostalgic touch that has been modernised to suit current design influence. With a concave fluted design, the Cove can be used as feature sculptural panels or doors, bringing classic architectural beauty often seen in glass and columns. The new Peak profile contains angled peaks for a three-dimensional effect.

Chifley, Sussex, Ascot, and Hampton are available in all colours and finishes, excluding Gloss, in 18mm and 21mm thicknesses. These door profiles add a modern touch to traditional Hamptons-style design with various rail widths and a small bevel, with flexible design options.

The Calcutta door profiles add textural interest, which is at home in a coastal setting for a contemporary space. With varying v-groove widths, these doors are the perfect modern touch on traditional designs as standout feature pieces.

Create a mid-century feel with the latest polytec door styles: Bari, Gerroa and Valla. Available in 18mm and 21mm thicknesses, the new profiles will add a modern element with textural, linear aesthetics. The new Thermolaminated door profiles are suitable for solid colours and timbergrain patterns.