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With the introduction of ULTRAGLAZE Ultramatt finish, you can gain the benefits of the original product while maintaining style and modernity. The fingerprint and scratch resistant properties of Ultramatt make it a perfect choice for high-traffic areas while maintaining an inviting appearance. 

Ultramatt allows depth and class with a pleasant aesthetic appeal, providing contemporary design when combined with the sleek Shadowline door and matching edge finish.

The sense of touch has been elevated in interior environments. Touch is often our first experience of an object, fabric or surface and it's increasingly becoming the first thing that people comment about, even ahead of colour. 

Different surface finishes suit particular applications. The increased specification of handle-free doors and panels with low reflectant properties was the driver behind the development of Ultramatt - a super matt solid colour surface finish. With an unsurpassed matt level, the result is stunning to say the least.

ULTRAGLAZE Ultramatt is available in Finger Pull doors in aluminium and matt black, Shadowline and made-to-order doors.

Obsidian Metallic
Pewter Metallic
Mineral Metallic