New Colour-Infused Neutrals

The latest polytec colour release is inspired by human’s innate desire to connect with nature and made to mimic sensory and physical elements of the natural environment, otherwise known as biophilia. Biophilic design is essential to increase connectivity with nature, reducing overall stress and increasing wellness.

The new solid range by polytec is designed to encapsulate the feeling of wellbeing and calm with botanical colour-infused neutrals, which has become more important than ever in today’s society. The new range of solid, neutral colours is grounding and calming. From cool to warm greens, hints of blue to off-white tones in a range of light to dark, each has the slightest bit of colour to connect with all other elements used within your home or public indoor space. Sustainable, thoughtful design is a key consideration as specific trends no longer need to be adhered to.

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