10 ways to standout by using STECCAWOOD by polytec (Ten applications one product)

10 ways to standout by using STECCAWOOD by polytec (Ten applications one product)
You can create a feature in your home or commercial space by using STECCAWOOD by polytec.

STECCAWOOD is a decorative batten made from E-Zero MR MDF or LDF, which when used together in a series, can add texture, dimension and movement to a space. 

Right now, there is an elevated focus on home design and commercial fit out, which means designers are looking to deliver something that will make their clients go ‘wow’.

STECCAWOOD allows you to create a grand statement by its versatility in the way it can be applied to different spaces in either horizonal or vertical application. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, STECCAWOOD also has many functional uses for interior design. You can create architectural patterns, maintain privacy, improve acoustics, and control light inside a space, all while promoting a sense of openness and visual connection throughout your project.

STECCAWOOD can be crafted in a straight or curved composition and with various polytec colours and profiles to choose from, the design combinations are endless.

Explore the array of applications of STECCAWOOD by polytec.

1. Kitchen centrepiece

As with many kitchen trends of today, the island bench is central to the home, commanding space, and attention to allow for the many activities of cooking and everyday life.

Family and friends gather in the kitchen and STECCAWOOD allows you to create texture and bring warmth into a space, giving your kitchen a striking feature.

2. Accent your ceiling

Ceilings can change the feel and character of a room. STECCAWOOD can be used to create depth to a ceiling, add intimacy or highlight your cabinetry by providing a natural warmth in a room.

3. Enhance your walls

STECCAWOOD applied to wall linings are an interior characteristic that will be prominent in design trends for some time. With this in mind, STECCAWOOD can be used as a feature wall to inject drama and excitement in a space or applied as a seamless and subtle transition between rooms.


4. Architectural screens

STECCAWOOD used to create a screen or barrier to divide a room can add some much needed privacy to a space, while still allowing light and air to flow through a home or office.

5. Grand entrances

We all know that first impressions count, and this can be for both residential and commercial projects. The entrance to a commercial space is crucial on making an impression with your guests and customers. By applying STECCAWOOD to your entryway or foyer is an impressive way to welcome visitors, providing a sense of beauty and grandeur.

6. Garnish your stairs

Transform your stairs by encasing them with STECCAWOOD. It is a great way to add flair, whilst also providing visual connectivity to the floor below.

7. Embrace your curves

Curved designs reflect a sense of fluidity and help soften an area, making a space more inviting. Complementing the curves with STECCAWOOD, enhances this even further by adding visual rhythm and flow.

8. Striking Lines

Create linear patterns using STECCAWOOD to elevate your walls or joinery by applying the contrasting colours of timber and solid tones or use the same palette throughout to construct a seamless cohesive space.

9. Adorning joinery

Elevate your design and place STECCAWOOD battens across highend joinery applications. The contrast of smooth stone surfaces and the texture of STECCAWOOD battens creates a luxe feature piece.

10. Get creative to enhance or hide

Enhance the beauty in your design or hide elements out of your control by using STECCAWOOD in a multitude of applications. Add interest to a space with highlights of STECCAWOOD applied to columns or seating nooks.

As you will see, STECCAWOOD by polytec is versatile with multiple applications available that can be used in various parts of your home or commercial spaces.

Get creative with the diverse ways to apply prefinished STECCAWOOD battens. STECCAWOOD comes in twelve colours and is available in matching board and laminate, providing designers a high degree of flexibility. polytec provides a range of colours, from the soft tones of Nordic Oak and the rich colour of Florentine to deep black and light white, giving designers freedom to achieve a variety of aesthetics.

The pre-finished nature of polytec’s decorative battens means there are no manufacturing costs, making it a cost-effective solution. Installation is a fast and uncomplicated process that can help project managers alleviate time and cost pressures.

You can read more about STECCAWOOD and view available colours, profiles and finishes here: https://www.polytec.com.au/products/steccawood/


Words by: Vashti Dening

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