Micro Trend Series: Pattern

Micro Trend Series: Pattern
By Marylou Cafaro (formerly Paino), polytec Product Design and Development Specialist, Interior Designer and Trend Forecaster.

What have been the biggest advancements in decorative finishes during the last decade? Timber realism is number one.

Achieving laminate that looks and feels like real timber has been a game-changer for designers and project budgets. Our investment in advanced quality print technology helped us to achieve a premium four-colour process for pattern layers and the all important file separation.

Standout timber trends

  • On the rise is the use of mid-tone natural timber - oak is the core timber with a return of yellow-based oak as a key standout
  • Gaining traction is the increased specification of refined walnut grains
  • A continuance of mid to dark brown-black tones including walnut
  • An acceptance that more than one timber can be specified when there is a connection - either in grain or colour

Refined industrial

Our metallic leaf range finishes have also taken a quantum leap forward with these features:

  • The more refined industrial addition of soft coppers, rose gold and pure gold to your palette
  • The shimmer of true metal without being too overpowering
  • Better scratch resistant qualities than true metal
  • Availability as 16mm melamine board making them suitable for either horizontal or vertical applications
  • Use of the metallics for detailing

Stone structures

Stone structures have transitioned from fine veined stone to either large or small veins. This is due to our technological advancements in file separation and the 'pendulum effect' - where a complete opposite typically follows a trend that's been around for a while.

There's an expanded choice of smaller subtle veined to larger veined stones, medium to stronger veining or large patterning. The realism in white, grey and black in marble, limestone and travertine are standouts.

Within each category our patterns are broken up into stone (large veining to less veining), travertine and cement.

Bio: About Marylou Cafaro (formerly Paino)

Marylou Cafaro is a leading trend forecaster, interior designer and building industry authority with more than 30 years experience consulting to innovative Australian manufacturers, suppliers, builders and retailers. She specialises in colour and product design through the analysis and interpretation of key market trends and consumer preferences.

As Lead Designer of polytec’s Product Development Team, Marylou has been instrumental in the rollout of RAVINE, LEGATO, MATERA, WOODMATT, VENETTE and updating the core colour range.

Marylou’s expertise in forecasting future directions is reflected in her interior design projects enabling her to create dynamic retail, exhibition and residential interiors - ensuring product development is design-led and in tune with market needs.

An avid traveller to international trade fairs, Marylou is also Principal of colour + material design (cmdesign) and co-author of Trendjournal, Journey through Eurocucina 2008.

Images courtesy of Opec Construction and S. Group

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