Reflect Your Style – Mirrors for Any Space

Reflect Your Style – Mirrors for Any Space
Bringing a modern aesthetic, polytec’s new range of Thermolaminated mirror panels are designed to add an element of luxury to your space.

Available in four designs – Arch, Oblong, Rectangle, and Rounded Rectangleall options offer a unique design to create a decorative feature in any home or commercial space.

polytec’s new mirror panels are offered in all current colours and finishes in the Thermolaminated range, except for Gloss. This wide range of choices gives you flexibility with your design style.

The 18mm thick mirror panels are 900mm high x 580mm wide. Used for a variety of applications, polytec’s Thermolaminated mirror panels are manufactured and produced to complement the various polytec colour ranges.

You can use complementary colours to apply them to your bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, entrances, foyers, living rooms, office spaces, and more. Visit the polytec Inspirations page to learn about what colours work together.

Available in over 50 colour and finish options, there is no minimum order required, and they each come with a 7 year standard warranty for peace of mind. They are easy to install and will be the perfect touch to finish off your design.

The addition of Thermolaminated mirror panels by polytec will brighten up any room, add space, and increase light, whilst also providing a contemporary elegant look. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Supplied 18mm x 900mm x 580mm only. Custom sizing unavailable. 
  • 18mm rail size.
  • 4mm annealed clear copper free silver mirror, complies with AS2208.
  • Adhered to a solid back (18mm MDF) using silicone to meet the requirement as per AS1288.
  • Available in all Thermolaminated colours and finishes, excluding Gloss.
  • 7 year standard warranty.
  • No minimum order quantity.

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