polytec's Micro Trend Series

polytec's Micro Trend Series
7 reasons why polytec is nailing the decorative surface needs of Australian architects, designers, builders, cabinet-makers and chippies.

1. Design-led product development

Product development at polytec is a collaborative process between our in-house Product Development Team led by Interior Designer and Trend Forecaster Marylou Cafaro, our innovative Australian Manufacturing Team and our on-road polytec Sales Team.

Together we pool and analyse feedback from Australian architects, designers, builders, cabinetmakers and chippies with our research on manufacturing technologies and our trend forecasting across a gamut of product categories.

We also study underlying 'micro trends' - those uniquely Australian lifestyle drivers - in the ongoing expansion, evolution and improvement of our offer.

2. Pragmatic product solutions

polytec products are designed to provide solutions to everyday design and construction challenges. We combine decorative surface manufacturing innovation with practical design empathy, while polytec products are developed in dimensions aimed at making life simpler, reducing waste and providing exceptional value.

Our national sales team visits over 10,000 architects, designers, builders, and cabinetmakers each year - nationwide. We provide on the ground service in all states and territories, and aim to help designers realise their design vision within budget.

3. Product to empower designers

polytec products are conceived as tools to empower designers to create astonishing design narratives. Embedded in our approach to product development, is the understanding that every brief and project is unique and that each designer has an individual creative concept. That's why we continue to expand our mix and match palettes rather than box designers into a corner with particular collections or 'styles'.

4. Product synergies

In our development of laminates we understand design process and the need for products to speak to each other. We consider the companion products that laminate is likely to be specified alongside. Our eye on emerging trends in flooring, paint, fabrics and tiles and the underlying lifestyle changes driving those - is another factor that ensures polytec products endure.

5. Product developed for Australian design style

While we do monitor global trends, we prefer to design and develop colours and patterns for the needs of the Australian market. polytec have taken on board Australian designers' talent for detailing and their preference for a more refined palette.

6. Continuous product improvement

Good product selection says a lot about a designer. polytec surface finishes are designed and manufactured to make you and us look spectacular.

Laminate and decorative finishes have certainly come a long way over the years. It has been our mission since 1988 to make joinery doors, laminate and decorative surfaces:

  • Acceptable as a quality product
  • A desirable product choice
  • Easier to use
  • Ultra durable
  • A design element that surprises
  • Fit for purpose
  • Feels sensational
  • Transition from the ordinary to extraordinary

As part of our continuous improvement journey for every product we have:

  • Deconstructed the manufacturing process
  • Considered the product's application and relevance in the marketplace
  • Then fastidiously improved every step from surface, print, through to colour

7. polytec's micro trend predictions for decorative surfaces in 2018

Between 2 to 5 years is invested in research and development prior to each new product launch:

  • Observing micro trends - that underpin macro design trends
  • Checking out what's happening in other industries and how we might translate that into interiors
  • Dissecting product trends through the lens of pattern, surface, colour and product application

As Australian manufacturing pioneers, polytec's collection offers products at different stages of their lifecycle. We don't do fads - the typical polytec product lifestyle is 10-20 years. New products and ranges are continually being added to our palette for early adopters looking for something different.

Products nearing the end of their lifecycle are designed to work in conjunction with a more contemporary product in a more minimal way. We never rest. While interest in one product reaches its peak, our next generation products await in the wings. We're always looking to offer designers product choices that are new and fresh, but equally to offer product longevity, sustainability and value.

What's next for decorative surfaces in 2018?

Marylou Cafaro, polytec Product Design and Development Specialist, Interior Designer and Trend Forecaster shares her top four micro trend predictions for decorative surfaces in a special 4-part series that will cover surface finish, pattern, colour and application.

About Marylou Cafaro

Marylou Cafaro (formerly Paino) is a leading trend Forecaster, Interior Designer and building industry authority with more than 30 years experience consulting to innovative Australian manufacturer's, suppliers, builders and retailers. She specialises in colour and product design through the analysis and interpretation of key market trends and consumer preferences.

As Lead Designer of polytec's Product Development Team, Marylou has been instrumental in the rollout of RAVINE, LEGATO, MATERA, WOODMATT, VENETTE and updating the core colour range.

Marylou's expertise in forecasting future directions is reflected in her interior design projects, enabling her to create dynamic retail, exhibition and residential interiors - ensuring product development is design-led and in tune with market needs.

An avid traveller to international trade fairs, Marylou is co-author of Trendjournal, Journey through Eurocucina 2008.

Images courtesy of APG Homes and The Maker Designer Kitchens

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