Wet Area Solutions by polytec

Wet Area Solutions by polytec
polytec can offer a range of Wet Area Solutions to both residential and commercial spaces.

As the consummate, long-lasting, low-maintenance, decorative panel, polytec’s Compact laminate is a go-to product for the most demanding professional interior and undercover external joinery environments.

Being manufactured from quality materials embeds polytec’s Compact laminate with excellent technical characteristics. It’s totally impervious to water and has outstanding impact resistance, is stain and wear resistant and has excellent hygienic properties.

5mm Compact Laminate (Wall Panelling)

Wet areas in our homes, such as bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens, require materials that are highly moisture-resistant. polytec’s 5mm Compact laminate is perfect for wall panelling, wet area feature walls, POD manufacturing, and high-impact areas. 

Commercial environments need materials that are multi-faceted with layers of functionality that define a sophisticated and modern style. This is where polytec’s 5mm Compact Laminate can be used as wall panelling in heavy traffic areas such as schools, universities, hospitality, and health care.  

polytec’s 5mm Compact laminate comes in a wide range of colours including stone and timer prints as well as timeless solid colours including Nouveau Grey, Stone Grey, Cinder, Black, and Polar White.

Quick and easy to install with no grout lines, simple to clean with Matt and Smooth finishes being certified anti-bacteria, alongside a 10-year warranty you can be sure 5mm Compact laminate is the perfect product for your next project.

13mm Compact Laminate (Vanities, Benchtop, Table Tops, Partitions)

polytec’s 13mm Compact laminate is perfect for tabletops, drop front vanities and benchtops, alfresco areas as well as partitioning and seating.  This range is manufactured using black phenolic kraft paper with a decorative face on both sides, and is the ultimate product for a long lasting, high-quality vertical and horizontal surface solutions. 

Available in a unique range of colours in various finishes, polytec’s Matt and Smooth 13mm Compact Laminate range is certified antibacterial, easy to clean and stain resistant; the hygienic properties allowing for the perfect surface in healthcare and hospitality projects. Characterised by a distinctive black core, Compact laminate holds extra appeal on the aesthetic front and as a structurally sound material. The introduction of Smooth and Woodmatt finishes into polytec’s Compact laminate range avails unique new design possibilities for commercial projects.

15mm Xenolith Laminate

polytec’s Xenolith is a 15mm thick premium coloured core composite laminate, and is available in a 3660 x 1830mm sheet size with full sheets made to order tops up to 4400 x 1830mm.

Available for both vertical and horizontal applications, Xenolith can be used for benchtops, vanities, cafe tops, wet room partitioning, splashbacks, lockers, furniture and covered alfresco areas. The unique solid coloured core allows for exposed ends with no join lines caused by a laminated edge, matching the colour of choice. This premium product is available in a variety of edge profiles, machined into the surface to provide a seamless look. 

polytec’s Compact Laminate range is a versatile choice for any interior design style. Whether you want a classic, traditional look or a modern, minimalist aesthetic, you can find a panel that suits your needs. The panels can also be made-to-order to fit any wall size or shape, ensuring a perfect fit for your space making them a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike. 

With polytec wet area wall panels, you can create a beautiful and functional space that will last for years to come.

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